Welcome to the 4th decade of the energy transition

Transition Works is an umbrella company for a variety of for-profit and pro bono projects that help people find career paths in the energy transition and climate change mitigation.

Our core project is Transition Jobs, launching mid Q1 2024. We’re focussed on the careers that will roll-out the final decades of the transition to renewable, fuel-less energy. Think hard hats, safety boots and wrenches.

We're optimistic about the future and humanity's ability to turn away from fossil fuels. Work in the energy transition happens wherever there are people, so we're confident that there will be work for everyone in rural and urban centres.

Follow Transition Jobs on Twitter for regular news about renewables, EVs, storage and climate mitigation projects. When we launch in November, that will also be a regular source of job postings.

wind turbine blade installation

What else is in the works?

We have a range of smaller projects in the works for 2023-2024. These include:

Scholarships -
Support to reduce financial barriers to training
News -
A weekly round up of new from the renewables industry around the world
Interviews -
what different roles exist in energy transition work and what path did people follow to get where they are today?
Solar Paths -
Models for realizing infrastructure through community solar
Open source engineering
solar installation